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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinewood Derby

On Saturday, January 21st we attended our first Pinewood Derby.  Cort was very excited.  Henry and Cort had spent several weeks in the garage building and perfecting Cort's car.  This was our first time so we didn't know exactly what to expect.  Frankly Henry and I discussed that we would be pleased if the car made it down the track at all.  Well, not only did Cort's car make it down the track but it placed third.  We were shocked and thrilled.  I don't know who was smiling more - Cort.... or Henry.  The top two cars of each division will go to the District race.  Cort placed third so technically he will not go unless one of the top two cars is unable to go.  I can't imagine what the District race is like.  Some of these cars... they are so awesome and incredibly fast considering they started out as a block of wood.  It really is amazing.  There were 88 cars total entered into the Pack 242 Pinewood Derby, which included 40 cars for the Family/Sibling Division. 

Henry also built a car and entered it in the family race.  His car also did well, although compared to all the Engineer dad's who have been doing this for ten to fifteen years... well, we need a little more practice.  But I am so very proud of both Cort and Henry.   It really was a great day.  We met some really nice people, had a lot of fun, and even picked up some tips for next years race.  I think Henry and Cort are going to start building those cars in the next few months.  If Henry has his way we will have a text track set up in the garage for running trials.  LOL.  Oh well.  I don't mind.  It was a lot of fun, and anything that makes Cort's face light up that way is certainly worth it. 

Pack 242 Pinewood Derby January 21, 2012
Cort's Car - "Red" 

Official Weigh-In

Official Registration
Official weigh-in

The awesome Track
Thumbs up - 3...2....1   GO!

Awarding 3rd Place Trophy to Cort

3rd Place Trophy for Speed - Wolf Division 
Awarded to Cort

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Through the Years

Looking at the kids Christmas pictures this year made me start going back and looking at older pictures we have had taken of the kids....


Cort - 2003 (3 months old)
Cort - 2003 (3 months old)
Cort - 2008 (5 years old)
Cort - 2010 (7 years old)

Cort - early 2007 (3 years old)
Cort - early 2007

Cort - 2005 (2 years old)
Cort - 2011 (8 years old)

Cort - 2010


Elizabeth - 2007 (3 months old)

<><><><> <><><><>
Elizabeth - 2008 (1 year old)

Elizabeth - 2010 (3 years old)

<><><><> <><><><>
Elizabeth - 2010 (3 years old)

Elizabeth - 2011 (4 years old)

Just for the heck of it - look at this comparison - it made me laugh - Cort and Elizabeth - each at 3 months old....
Cort - 2003 (3 months)
Elizabeth 2007 (3 months)

Pictures of the Kids

Every year I try to get pictures taken of the kids.  So far I think I have managed to get every year but one.  It is so much fun to pick out things for them to wear and get them all dressed up. This year was no different.... 

Christmas pictures 2011

Elizabeth - 4 years old

Cort - 8 years old