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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cub Scouts

After several years of discussing it, Cort has finally gotten involved in Cub Scouts this year.  We started out with a much smaller pack and although we really loved the leader the drive to the meetings was a bit far and Henry was concerned the group was too small, so we ended up changing to a closer, larger one. Again, we lucked out because the husband and wife team who run our den our awesome.  The den we switched to has about 8 boys but the pack has about 75 total.  Cort has been going for several weeks and this past week was his first Pack meeting.  They gave out Merit badges and belt loops for accomplishments during the meeting.  Cort received several and he was so excited.  He also looked very handsome in his new cub scout Wolf uniform.  Thankfully I have a skilled (and generous) friend who was willing to sew the patches on and I didn't need to have it done professionally because Lord knows I can't sew at all.  Below are a few pictures from the last few weeks of Cub Scouts.  I will continue to post more as the year progresses.  I am very proud of my Wolf Scout.  I love you Cort-Cort!
Learning how to raise the Flag

First time in Uniform, going to his first
Pack meeting

I love it!

Receiving his merit badges

Putting on his belt loops.

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