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Thursday, August 4, 2011

History in the Making.

Monday, August 1st marked my 12th anniversary to Henry.  It is truly hard to believe.  Who would have thought that when we left Cape Cod for Florida all those years ago that I would move next door to the man who would become my best friend and later my husband.  Henry and I were as different as night and day when we moved in next door to each other back then.  At 15 and 17 years old respectively we both had different ideas and priorities.  But as time went on we became friends, good friends.  Most days he was the one I counted on for advice, comfort and friendship no matter what the topic was.  Eight months after we met when we started to date. I was quite hesitant because I didn't want to lose that wonderful friendship that we had built. However the longer we dated, the more we grew to know each other and the more we fell in love.  When he proposed on Christmas Eve, 1998 I didn't hesitate for a second.  Well technically that isn't true.  I was crying quite a bit and never really said anything.  He took that as a yes.  Henry left for basic training a few months later leaving me to plan our wedding.  We had our wedding date set for June 6, 1999.  In February I received a call from Henry in basic that his tech school dates had changed and he would not be home for our June wedding.  I was completely devastated.  My parents were not happy, mostly because the invitations had just gone to the printers.  Several weeks later we were able to figure out dates for everything and our wedding was rescheduled to August 1, 1999.  It was a beautiful day.  Surrounded by family and friends I was led to the Church in a beautiful white limo with my maid of honor and bridesmaids as well as my dad.  My dad had never been in a limo before.  When we arrived at the Church the bridesmaids and maid of honor got out of the limo and went into the Church.  My dress had been kept a secret so I stayed in the limo.  My mom climbed in as well and sat with my dad and I.  My parents and I spoke of many things during those moments and that waterproof make-up sure came in handy.  When it was time to enter the Church, I was escorted out of the limo by my dad and brought into the back room of St. Mary's.  The Bridesmaids' all went down the aisle one by one followed by my sister, Danielle who was my Maid of Honor.  Then they rolled out a white carpet which was my que that it was my turn.  My dad led me down the aisle.  He held me quite tightly, thankfully.  My heels kept getting caught in the white carpet.  It was a miracle I didn't fall flat on my face.  At the end of the aisle was my Henry, waiting and smiling.  He was still the boy from next door, the kid who tried to impress me, the young man who protected me and the guy I had grown to love.  Our wedding was beautiful.  We had a traditional Catholic Mass followed by a lovely reception in Cocoa Beach.  I will never forgot those days or the many happy memories that have followed in the last 12 years.  I am truly blessed to have Henry as my husband, and my best friend.  Happy Anniversary Baby. 

Additionally, since we are currently visiting family and friends in Florida we were able to spend our Anniversary out.  We went to our favorite place to eat in Cocoa Beach, The Italian Courtyard followed by a walk along the beach and a walk onto the dock that Henry proposed on all those years ago.  It truly does just keep getting better....

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