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Thursday, March 22, 2012


So much for posting more on my blog this year... oops! It has been a crazy busy start to the year. It's funny, as I type this I think about friends that we have and their various activities with their children and I wonder how on earth they manage to stay sane. My life is boring compared to theirs yet I am drowning trying to keep up with everything. Oh well, I guess you adjust and adapt as you must. I certainly wonder how others keep it all together.  Perhaps I need lessons...

Anyhow, Cort has been busy with Church, preparing for his First Reconciliation and First Communion. His First Reconciliation is fast approaching in a couple of weeks. We had a mini retreat a couple of weeks ago and I was able to take him into the confessional for some quality "practice time". I explained to him everything that would take place and let him practice. Of course he confessed to robbing a bank. Happy we got that out of the way. For penance I am making him wash dishes - forever.  (Too bad we were just practicing.  LOL)  He does have some anxiety as we lead up to the big day. He asked me what happens if he forgets to tell Father something. Poor kid. I tried to explain to him proper etiquette of confession, basically how forgetting is okay, but purposely omitting is not. I must admit, I am anxious for him. I know how nervous I get going in for confession. I can only imagine how he feels at 8 years old. When all is said and done though he knows the basics, and that there is always next time. Realistically his biggest sin is arguing with Elizabeth.  If I went to confession every time my sister and I argued as a kid, I doubt I would have left Church. 

He has also been quite busy with Cub Scouts.  In February he attended his pack Blue and Gold Banquet.  Cub Scouting was celebrating its 82nd birthday.  His Pack (Pack 242) was celebrating its 54th Anniversary.  Cort earned his Wolf Badge.  It was a beautiful celebration and a lot of fun.  It was held on base at the Officer's Club.  Breakfast was served and everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.  I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance.  There was a photographer there and I am looking forward to adding her pictures to my own.   It was a cool experience to watch the older Cub Scouts bridge over to Boy Scouts.  There are 74 Cub Scouts in Pack 242 and 13 of them Bridged over to Boy Scouts. 

Elizabeth has been busy as only Elizabeth can be.  She has made herself an honorary member of Cort's Cub Scout Den.  Each week at our Den meetings she participates with whatever the boys are doing.  There are eight boys in Cort's Den.  It is great that the Den Leaders allow Elizabeth to participate.  She is going to love Girl Scouts - I think.  As much as loves Princesses and dressing up she also has a tomboy side to her so we may have a fight on our hands when she finds out she cannot really be a cub scout.  I guess time will tell. 

She is doing quite well in school.  She writes her name very well, and can say the alphabet "really, really fast".  She loves nursery rhymes and sings them all day long.  After her bath while I am drying her hair we sing them really loud - over the sound of the hair dryer.  It is fun, and I think she enjoys watching herself in the mirror.  She is so silly sometimes.  She makes us laugh so much. 

Well that is my update for now.  I just wanted to check in.  I PROMISE to update you soon and post pictures about the various things going on here in my (our) world.  Thanks for caring.

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