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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Virginia Wine Expo

Inside the Wine Expo
The end of February my mom came to visit and we spent a weekend in Richmond, just us.  No cleaning, no cooking, no kids and no hubby (Sorry Henry).  It was a blast.  We bought tickets to the Virginia Wine Expo and spent many hours tasting many different glasses of wine all made in Virginia.  I honestly didn't know Virginia had so many wineries.  The most difficult part of the weekend was tasting the wine and then looking the people who created it in the eye and basically telling them when you didn't like their wine.  I had a very difficult time with that.  I tried my best to be discreet and pour it out - they provided buckets at each table and water to rinse with.  I still had a hard time though.  Eventually I got better and realized that instead of walking up to a table and letting them pour me each type of wine they were sampling, sometimes up to seven different kinds, I could specify only certain kinds - like red or sweet.  That helped a great deal.  I learned a lot about wine tasting and next year I will know how to taste like a pro.  My mom and I each bought some wine.  She bought seven bottles and wondered how she would mail it home to Florida.  I bought two bottles and wondered who would help me drink them.  LOL.  For the record my mom was unable to mail her wine back to Florida.  Some great friends of mine suggested she package it well and check it as luggage for her flight home to Florida.  That is what she did and everything made it safely and uneventfully.  I still haven't opened my two bottles.  I have decided to save them for now.  I will probably open one bottle when family is visiting in May for Cort's Communion.  I know I will have help to drink it during the special occasion.  I will save the other bottle for now. 

I am so very happy my mom and I were able to experience this.  I don't know if we have ever been able to do something like this, just us.  I think we need to make it a yearly thing.  It really was a lot of fun.  It may not always be at a wine expo but wine will always be involved.  :-) 

Ready to go into the Wine Expo

Crossing the walkway into
the Convention Center for the Expo
The view from the other side of the Walkway

Me waiting in line at the Trump Winery table. 
I am to the left of the gentleman with the tan jacket on. 
Now, not only did I not know there was a Trump Winery, I didn't know it was in Virginia.
See, this was an Educational trip.  :-)
This was the line for the "wine check".  Any bottles you bought
throughout the day could be checked and you could pick them up
at the end of your day so you didn't have to carry them around.

This was in the hotel on Sunday - We were waiting for valet to get
my Expedition.  My mom was playing tourist and took a ton
of pictures... of everything.  LOL


  1. So glad you & mom Had a great time together. The pictures are great. Maybe someday my sister & me will doing something like that. When is Cort's Communion? Will send a card. love & take care.

  2. Thank you. I am happy you liked the pictures. Cort's Communion is May 20th. I am happy you took the time to look at my blog, and post something. I am grateful that you enjoy my pictures and stories. It makes me happy. Happy Easter!