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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Random Things They Say.......

My kids, like most kids, are always saying the craziest things.  I have been trying to document them.  Here are a few recent ones...
Last week we found a squirrel dead on the sidewalk in front of the house.  Judging by the broken branches we decided he probably fell, perhaps a head trauma.  We left him alone and went about our day.  Later that afternoon when the kids got home Cort asked if we could bury him.  "We should say a few words Mom."  I agreed and got to work digging a hole in the backyard.  I was wondering in my head how I was going to pick up this dead squirrel and bury him without freaking out my kids (while I was freaking out inside my head).  I decided to put him into a couple of plastic Wal-Mart bags.  After the hole was dug we went out front and I used a shovel to put this poor little squirrel in the bag and then I proceeded to knot the bags several times.  We brought him into the backyard and put him in the hole.  I started to put dirt over him.  I asked Cort what we should name him.  He said he thought Clumsy was a good name.  I had to agree.  It was perfect.  So we buried Clumsy and said a few words.  Then Elizabeth went and got some rocks from the driveway and we made a heart in the spot where he was.  Elizabeth had a difficult time saying goodbye.  She told Clumsy she loved him and she would miss him but that her Pap-pap was in heaven and Clumsy should look for him. 

Poor Little Squirrel
Here Lies "Clumsy" 

Elizabeth saying Goodbye

On to the next day...
I was at a friend's house who was explaining to me that she slept on her couch the evening before because she had flying squirrels in her attic.  She had the same problem the year before and was waiting for someone to come and get them out.  Apparently they are endangered so they must be caught and released.  I found this all very interesting since I have only seen flying squirrels on TV.    Later that night I went home and told the kids about the flying squirrels in our friend's attic.  Cort was intrigued by this.  He said "Wait, maybe Clumsy thought he was a flying squirrel and that is why he fell.  He realized he wasn't"  I laughed until I cried. 
For the record, I now know how they came up with the idea for a "Pillow Pet".  If you just velcro his legs together, he's a pillow.  Open them up, hes a flying squirrel. 
Super Fly


Cort will be 10 years old in a few months (shocking, I know) and like all military brats at the age of ten he will receive a military ID card.  I remember my tenth birthday. I wanted my military ID card, a watch and to get my ears pierced.  In my house we had to wait until we were ten to get our ears pierced so ten was a big deal for several reasons.  Anyhow, Cort has been talking about his ID card for several weeks now, asking if they will "card" him to get on base or if he goes into stores.   Elizabeth had been quietly listening to our conversation when out of the blue she says enthusiastically "Cort, I can't wait until you get your ID.  Then you can drive me EVERYWHERE!".  Cort says "It's an ID, not a drivers license."  Elizabeth's poor little face was so sad.  I guess she thought she was getting a chauffeur when Cort turns ten. 

Elizabeth came to me the other night and told me:  "I want to take care of Scotty every day and every night.  I am practicing to be a vet so I need to start taking care of animals to learn. I am going to take care of animals in the whole wide world.  If they are bleeding, if their tummy hurts really bad, if they only have three teacher's dog only has three legs.  It got hit by a car.  I'm even going to take care of 'cheetos'".
I love that she says cheetos instead of cheetahs. It cracks me up. 

"Cheetah's" Not to be confused with "Cheetos"


The kids were having a discussion regarding houses when they grow up.  Cort has decided that he would like a house with a basement.  He is going to make the basement his own personal sandbox by filling the entire thing with sand.  I'm so happy he doesn't really like being in the basement here.  I would have to make sure he wasn't smuggling sand down there. 

Cort:  "Mom, I like Dodgeball.  Why don't we play Dodgeball at school?"
ME:"Because people can get hurt."
Cort: "Oh."
Me:"There is a movie about Dodgeball, it's pretty funny."
Cort: "What's it called?"
Me: "Dodgeball."


As we are standing the dark....

Cort:  "Mom, can I play my Xbox?"
Me:  "I don't know.  What time is it?"
Cort:  " night."
Me:  "Really?  All this darkness, I thought it was 10:38 in the morning."
Cort: "Haha, oops." 



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