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Saturday, May 18, 2013

What I have learned

Several months ago I started to think of all the things I have learned in life, whether it has happened gradually, or quickly, years ago or more recently.  I decided to write it down.  This is what I have come up with so far...
What I have learned...(so far) ...
...that fate intervenes when you least expect it to.

...loving someone isn't always easy.
...the love you have for your child is greater than anything on this earth.

...I can always do more to show the people I care about how much they mean to me.
...I dislike doing the laundry.

...There are some things you never get over.
...even if you only know someone for a short while, the impact of their friendship on your life can be profound.

...Time and distance doesn't matter when it comes to friends and family.  They will always be there for you, just as you will always be there for them.

...Your sleeping child can stir up all kinds of memories and emotions making it nearly impossible for you not to cuddle up next to them and hold them.
...some people you simply outgrow as time passes.  It's not right or wrong, it just happens.

...As each day draws to a close you must remember to make sure those you love know it because waking up in the morning is not a guarantee.
...I hate doing laundry.

...My chances of winning the lottery would be a lot higher if I actually played.
...Some things you will never forget, no matter how hard you try.

...It's okay to play hooky every now and then, skip work/school and just...hang out.
...When you are in a hurry, you will hit every red light.

...I still hate doing the laundry.
...If you spend all your time thinking "I just have to make it through tomorrow", pretty soon the tomorrow's will be gone and you will only have memories of hurrying up for nothing.  Enjoy every single moment, of every single day.  They go by so quickly.

...It's easy to make friends, tougher to keep them.
...Elizabeth will always fall asleep early and without drama on nights when she doesn't have school the next morning.

...Regret is the worst thing in the world.  Do everything in your power NOT to have them because sometimes, it is too late to do anything about your regrets.  They will just haunt you.
...Wind chimes make me smile.

...I have more pictures than walls, and that is okay with me.

...I have more knick-knacks than shelves, and that is not okay with Henry.
...It's always easier to do something with a friend, even if it is just cleaning.  Not laundry though, laundry always stinks.

...The bigger the house, the more to clean, the more stuff to put in it. Same goes with purses.
...Have I mentioned I absolutely hate doing the laundry?


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